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Master Machining & Manufacturing  provides custom machining for big or small parts, short or long runs. We work with a variety of materials and multiple industries.
Machining Services
CNC and conventional processes including, but not limited to, milling, turning, boring, drilling, facing, grooving, key ways, mold work, planing, profiling, sawing, slotting, tapping, threading, tool/cutter sharpening, welding.

Our materials capabilities are wide. We are not a "stainless steel or aluminum only" shop. We can work with a variety of your materials, including steels, stainless, alloys, aluminum, copper, brass, plastics, composites, castings, forgings, weldments, etc.

Value Engineering
We're not engineers, but we can value-engineer. We can work with your design team on cost-saving measures. If we have an idea that can save money, time or both, we won't hesitate to offer it to you. Your ultimate satisfaction is what's important.

Part Size
Turning capacity:   27.6" at chuck; 19.7" x 78.8" between centers
Milling capacity:    up to 80" x 35" x 40"; larger for drilling only

Run Size
Whether your requirements are one-off parts or large contract runs, MMM can help you.

We do more than just machine. Some examples are welding, finishing, assembling machined components, purchasing & assembling buy-out components.

We have solid relationships with quality finishers. If you wish, we can carry their services under our package to make your work easier. Among the processes we can include are heat-treating, stress-relieving, anodizing, plating, normalizing, painting and powder-coating.

If we can't help you via our capabilities listed above, we'll let you know that right away. Additionally, we'll refer you to a firm that can assist you.
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